About the Blog

So what can you expect on this blog? I try to keep it to those things that I now, and throughout enjoy. My goal is updating twice a week on average, mostly Tuesdays and Thursdays. On those days the posts are typically going to boil down to three things: TechnologyFood, and Disney.

Technology is rather self explanatory. I have everything from thoughts on the where technology is these days and what the future might hold. I have reviews of different gadgets and applications. Even a bunch of tips and tricks to get the most form your technology.

Food is a bit more obtuse. I have recipes and meal ideas. There are reviews on restaurants and food you can buy from the stores. Even some tips and tricks for those gardeners out there.

Disney is the probably something you are going to hear the least about, unless there is some big event or I have a trip coming up (or just back form one). I love Disney World, but unless I’m actively planning, researching or have a ton of things to write about I just did… Sometimes the subject is a bit sparse.

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